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About the Assessement

Everyone has a communication style with which we communicate most often and feel most comfortable. Our style affects how we interact with each other. Understanding our own personal style is a big step toward helping us become more successful in our relationships.

Our personal and work histories can influence our communication styles within certain stressful situations or individuals with who we may have conflicts or discomfort. Consistently levels of stress will also cause your communication style to shift from its normal space. Most individuals’ communication styles will “mature” over time.

Assessment Instructions

This analysis will help you better understand your style. As we conduct this analysis, we must first remember NO STYLE IS BETTER than another. The correct answer for you is one that best characterizes the behavior you use regularly. DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS YOU ARE NOT, AS YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE.

The test has 15 sets of 5 words each. For each set, select a phrase that best describes you. Once you have selected the word or phrase which best describes you, select the word or phrase which next best describes you.